The Holy Quran:"And I have not created the Jinn and the men but that they may worship Me". (51:57) . "Surely, the first house founded for mankind is that at Becca (Mecca), abounding in blessings and guidance for peoples". (3:97). "He alone can maintain the Mosques of Allah who believes in Allah, and the last day, and observes prayer and pays the Zakat and fears none but Allah; so these it is who may be rightly guided." (9:18) The Holy Prophet on the importance of mosques O ye people, praise Allah. Whoever builds a mosque for Allah, Allah, The Exalted, shall build a house for such a one in paradise. The Promised Messiah said:"If you want Islam to progress build a mosque. Wherever our Jamaat is established, a mosque should be built. Our Jama'ats progress is founded on the construction of mosques. If there are only a few Muslims in a village or a city, build a mosque with good intentions and God will bring more Muslims to that place. It is not mandatory that the mosque be embellished or be a brick building. Wall off a piece of land and build a room with a thatched roof..." (Malfoozat Vol 2, p. 42) 

Ahmadiyya Mosque - Croydon, London, U.K

A former Crystal Palace supporters' pub could be turned into a mosque after its new owners submitted a planning application to the council. Ansarullah, an auxiliary organisation of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, has applied to convert the Portmanor, in Portland Road, into a mosque and community centre.

Ahmadiyya Mosque - Hanau Hessen Germany

This former Aldi supermarket was converted into a new Ahmadiyya Mosque in Hanau. It was inaugurated by his Holiness, the Fifth Khalifa of the Promised Messiah on his Germany Tour 2015, on the 27th of May 2015. The building in Hanau, which was formerly used as a supermarket, offers 470 square prayer space and can accommodate 500 people.The land area of ​​the Bait-ul-Wahid Mosque ("House of the Unique") amounts to 5800 square meters.The cost of acquisition and reconstruction of the building amounted to 1.1 million euros.

Ahmadiyya Mosque - Kampala Uganda

Ahmadiyya Mosque - Kampala Uganda

Baitul Qaadir Mosque - Vechta Germany

Baitul Qadir Mosque (The Mosque of the All Powerful God) was inaugurated on Tuesday 9 June 2015 by his holiness, Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, the 5th Khalifa of the Promised Messiah (AS) on his Germany tour 2015.


Ahmadiyya Muslim Mosque - Nakuru Kenya

This brand new Masjid of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat in Kenya overlooks the Great Rift Valley and the Lake Nakuru.